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RapidIO® 4.x BRC1 LP-Serial Streaming Endpoint Core


  • Implements a complete RapidIO Endpoint
    solution for streaming data.

  • Compliant with Rev. 4.1 of the specification.

  • Implements RapidIO Error Management Extensions.

  • Supports 1x, 2x, and 4x link widths at BRC1
    data rates.

  • Supports the High Availability/Redundant System
    Hardware (HARSH) profiles.

  • Supports the MECS Time Synchronization

  • AXI4-Stream interfaces for sensor data.

  • Management Entity with integrated decoder
    for RapidIO maintenance transactions.

  • IP-XACT support for rapid integration.

  • Available for the following AMD and Intel FPGA families:

    • AMD Versal

    • Intel Agilex 7

    • Intel Agilex 5

  • Porting kit is available for ASIC targets.


The BRC1 LP-Serial Streaming Endpoint Core implements a complete RapidIO endpoint core capable of supporting link rates of up to 5.0 Gbps per lane. It includes functions that allow the endpoint to be managed with or without a local processor. Figure 1 illustrates the overall architecture of the core.


The core integrates a streaming sink block that maps
AXI4-Stream transactions into RapidIO Type 9 request
packets. The streaming source block maps RapidIO
Type 9 request packets to AXI4-Stream transactions.


The HARSH profile support provide a range of
features that support the creation of high availability
systems. This includes MECS timestamp synchronization
that coordinates timing functions across the system
with nano-second accuracy. The error management
functions provide detailed traceability of system level
errors along with optional error timestamping to assist
with error analysis.

RapidIO® 4.x BRC1 LP-Serial Streaming Endpoint Core

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