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Brand Guidelines


We provide the following brand guidelines to make it easy for you to use the Praesum logo, whether you are showcasing your use of Praesum products or representing us in news articles and blog posts.

Please follow these guidelines to ensure that the Praesum brand is consistent, recognizable, and always looks great! If you would like to use our logo in any format not covered by these guidelines, please contact our brand creative lead, Allie Poncini:



Praesum Communications Logo large.png
Praesum Communications Logo large.png
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Logo Colors


The Praesum logo can use the full color treatment (preferred), blue or white. Please use the full color logo treatment whenever possible but the blue logo is acceptable for light backgrounds and the white logo for dark backgrounds.

Praesum Communications Logo large.png
Praesum Communications Logo large.png

Color Specifications


PMS 652C
C50 M25 Y0 K10

PMS 7682C
C63 M43 Y8 K0

PMS Cool Gray 4C
C0 M0 Y0 K24

PMS 467C
C9 M15 Y34 K0

C0 M0 Y0 K0

Clear Space


When using the Praesum logo, please maintain a clear space around the logo as shown below to ensure its visual impact.




To ensure legibility, the Praesum logo height should never be smaller than 100px in digital and 35mm in print.


If Praesum is participating in your event, our logo should always be the same size as the logos of other companies or sponsors of the same tier.


It is important that the Praesum logo remains consistent. Do not alter or manipulate the logo, or combine with or use any old logos.


Don't change element position


Don't stretch or distort


Don't change element size


Don't change fonts or color



When referencing our company in writing, Praesum is always written in 'Title Case' with an uppercase P.