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Praesum's Leading Edge FlexFusion Switch and RapidIO Endpoint IP
Enables Next Generation Sensor Fusion Solutions

The Vanguard of High Performance Computing


Praesum is a leading edge supplier of interconnect IP cores for HPC and HPEC.

Praesum Communications provides a complete solution for your high-speed, low-latency system interconnect requirements. Based on the RapidIO 4.1 standard we have endpoint and switching IP cores that are silicon proven and run at speed on state of the art FPGA platforms from Intel and Xilinx. Supporting link data rates to 40 Gb and beyond, our interconnect products provide high performance and advanced system integrity features for systems that cannot fail.


Praesum Communications Introduces RapidIO® DQU SwitchKit ™

RapidIO Leader Delivers Next Generation RapidIO Switching IP

Santa Rosa, Calif. (September 14, 2018). Praesum Communications continues to be a vanguard in networking technology with the introduction of RapidIO® Distributed Queuing Unit (DQU) switching IP, a scalable switch architecture capable of multi-terabit aggregate switching performance. ...Read More


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