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RapidIO® DQU Switching IP


  • Support for up to 256 ports

  • Up to four AXI4 SoC bridge ports

  • Options for on-die SRAM or HBM for packet
    buffer memory

  • Dev8 or Dev16 packet forwarding

  • Up to 4096 multicast groups

  • RapidIO ports to 100 Gbps


The RapidIO Distributed Queuing Unit Switch is a
scalable switch architecture built on the Praesum DQU
switching IP toolkit, and can support multi-terabit
switching capacity.

Praesum can rapidly deliver switches with port interfaces customized for specific applications. This includes the number and type of RapidIO ports as well as AXI4 bridge ports which are used for SoC integration

RapidIO® DQU Switching IP Architecture

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