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RapidIO® Sensor Fusion Software Development Platform



  • Dell Precision 3430 workstation running
    Ubuntu preconfigured with development tools

  • Xilinx ZCU102 preconfigured with RapidIO
    switch images

  • Xilinx Petalinux with Linux RapidIO subsytem

  • All Cables and FMC adaptors needed to breakout
    four RapidIO switch ports in either 1x or
    4x mode operating at up to 5 Gbps per lane


The RapidIO Sensor Fusion Development Platform
provides all of the infrastructure needed to develop
high performance sensor fusion applications running
on SoC processors with RapidIO connectivity.

The target consists of a Xilinx ZCU102 development kit with IP images that include Praesum embedded RapidIO switch and endpoint technology. These images include a RapidIO switch with four external ports and a fifth port that bridges over to the a53 processor complex that is part of the ZU9 MPSoC FPGA on the board. The a53 processors run Xilinx’s Petalinux embedded Linux distribution that has been enhanced with the Linux RapidIO subsystem.

The development host consists of a Dell Precision 3430 small form factor workstation running Ubuntu Linux. The workstation is pre-loaded with software development tools for creating applications for the target. In addition the workstation is the boot server and NFS root filesystem server for the target.

RapidIO Sensor Fusion Software Development Platform Block Diagram

RapidIO Development Environment.png
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