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Praesum Releases Industry’s First RapidIO IP Solution

Praesum Communications, an emerging developer of new generation networking and telecommunications equipment, has released the first Rapid IO Core Technology to Xilinx, Inc. The core addresses the demand for high-performance networking and equipment with a 64-bit high performance implementation of Rapid IO capable of scaling to OC-192 line rates or 10 gigabit per second. The core is fully compliant with Revision 1.1 of the RapidIO Physical Layer 8/16 LP-LVDS specification, and supports a flexible buffer management scheme suitable for both end-station and switch-port applications.

The Praesum/Xilinx Rapid IO core is the world’s first product shipped to be compliant with the recently released RapidIO Interconnect Specification, an open standard designed to speed and improve communications among chips or boards within a system. The new specification defines a switch fabric-based control plane interconnect that offers significantly greater bandwidth, more scalability and higher reliability than busbased control plane interconnects used today yet is compatible with existing architectures.

The core was developed in cooperation with Xilinx Inc. Praesum’s exclusive licensee of RapidIO IP technology in the field programmable gate array (FPGA) market. FPGAs have become critical components in communications equipment because of their flexibility in bridging emerging interface standards. Xilinx invented the field programmable gate array (FPGA) and fulfills more than half of the world demand for these devices today.

RapidIO provides transmission rates hundreds of times faster than current interconnection architectures, interoperates with the widely used PCI bus and is software transparent. The specification defines a switch fabric architecture and is backed by major industry vendors including Cisco Systems, EMC, Ericsson, Lucent Technologies, Motorola and Nortel Networks, among others.

"The RapidIO technology is an open standard specification that provides unparalleled data integrity, manages legacy software issues and improves scalability and performance. It is compatible with PCI and PCI-X yet offers a high-performance interconnect technology for next generation embedded, communications and networking systems." said Sam Fuller, RapidIO steering committee chair.

The RapidIO core is the first member of a family of RapidIO intellectual property and semiconductor products to be delivered by Praesum Communications this year. Praesum will also leverage this technology in system level products that will be deployed in 2002.

About Praesum Communications

Praesum Communications is the RapidIO solutions leader. Our Serial RapidIO Endpoint and Switching IP enable next generation systems. Founded in January 2000, Praesum has its headquarters in Petaluma, CA. For more information, visit the Praesum web site at

About the RapidIO Trade Association

The RapidIO Trade Association is a non-profit organization, with headquarters in Austin, Texas, which was formed to drive the adoption of an open standard, high-performance interconnect architecture. Since incorporating in June 2000, the association has continued to serve its worldwide members. Membership provides early access to specifications, the ability to propose changes to RapidIO standards, and the opportunity to actively participate in the adoption process. A complete list of member companies, RapidIO specifications and technical information are available at the association¹s web site, .


Product Marketing Contact:
Kent Dahlgren
Praesum Communications, Inc.
(707) 338-0946


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