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Praesum Communications Re-joins RapidIO® Trade Association at Sponsor Level


Leading RapidIO Solutions Provider Deploys Smart Switching Technologies

Petaluma, CA January 22, 2013. Praesum Communications announced today that they have re-joined the RapidIO Trade Association as a sponsor. As one of the earliest adopters of RapidIO, Praesum has been committed to creating smart switching technologies in the form of Intellectual Property (IP) cores, boards, and system level products for more than a decade.

The RapidIO Trade Association establishes and promotes RapidIO as an open standard for embedded networking and communications applications. Sam Fuller's return as Executive Director was a deciding factor in supporting the RapidIO Trade Association at a sponsor level. "Under Sam's leadership, important initiatives such as upgrading the RapidIO BFM and expanding into new markets have been kicked off." said Praesum CEO Kent Dahlgren. "We have been impressed with the progress that the RapidIO Trade Association has made in the last year in revitalizing interest in The RapidIO interconnect."

"We are excited to see Praesum rejoin the RapidIO Trade Association. Kent brings a lot of experience and energy and we welcome Praesum's participation as a sponsoring member." said Sam Fuller. "Processor fabric technology has become a critical technology as companies seek to build ever higher performance multiprocessor systems. RapidIO already enjoys broad adoption in wireless infrastructure and high performance embedded computing markets. As we move to the new third generation 10xN technology we expect to see growing adoption of RapidIO as the open standard processor fabric for ARM-based servers in data center applications as well."

Praesum's contributions to the RapidIO arsenal include:

  • Released its first RapidIO IP core back in 2000, and the first RapidIO switching IP in 2004.

  • Introduced the first RapidIO 2.1 endpoint core in January of 2010, the only silicon proven core supporting both ASIC and FPGA platforms.

  • Praesum's RapidIO 2.2 AXI4 endpoint core and switching IP is the only RapidIO IP that has been ported to all of the major FPGA platforms as well as ASICs.

The RapidIO technology improves interconnect speed, reliability and scalability and is optimized for use in embedded, communications and networking devices. The specification also provides a practical migration path from today's limited hierarchical buses to more powerful switch fabric interconnects. “The availability of cost effective, high density programmable devices combined with new options in microprocessors has heralded a new golden age in system design and opens up new opportunities for RapidIO,” adds Dahlgren. “Praesum is well-positioned as the market leader in RapidIO Endpoint and Switching IP to enable next generation systems.”

About Praesum Communications

Praesum Communications develops and deploys smart switching technologies in the form of IP cores, boards, and system level products. Our primary focus is applying business policies to high bandwidth networks. Founder and CEO Kent Dahlgren is a pioneer in the fields of communications and semiconductors, specializing in system level solutions for networking and telecommunications applications. Dahlgren's innovations have resulted in multiple patents in the fields of network and switching technology. Praesum Communications Inc. was founded in January 2000, with headquarters in Petaluma, Calif. .

About the RapidIO Trade Association

The RapidIO Trade Association is a non-profit organization, with headquarters in Austin, Texas, which was formed to drive the adoption of an open standard, high-performance interconnect architecture. Since incorporating in June 2000, the association has continued to serve its worldwide members. Membership provides early access to specifications, the ability to propose changes to RapidIO standards, and the opportunity to actively participate in the adoption process. A complete list of member companies, RapidIO specifications and technical information are available at the association¹s web site, .


Product Marketing Contact:
Kent Dahlgren
Praesum Communications, Inc.
(707) 338-0946


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